Gear Bag

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By Capra


The Capra leather gear bags are handcrafted from authentic full-grain leather.

The leather comes from the finest hides and tanneries in Colombia. Full-grain leather, like most finer things in life, improves with age, developing a patina over time and use.

Design Features

  • Everyday carry (EDC) with handle
  • Valuables stash/ concealed pocket
  • Dedicated Apple Pencil, Surface Pen, stylus holder
  • 12 elastic slots of different sizes
  • Hand stitched pull tabs
  • Linen interior
  • YKK® metallic zippers


            Medium Large
Length 34 cm 37.5 cm
Height 25 cm 28 cm
Width 5 cm 5 cm
Devices Fits up to 13″ laptops & MacBook Pro 14" Fits up to 15″ laptops & MacBook Pro 16"

Product Tech
Hydrofuge Leather Technology
Achieved during the finishing process, chemically modifying the pores of the hide surface structure without altering the aesthetics. This process makes the full grain leather a slippery surface for liquids as well as resistant to water absorption for up to one hour. Perfect for winter or rainy seasons. If in contact with water or snow, dry it off with a cloth, the leather will remain intact.

Two Tone Leather Technology
Achieved during the tanning process, the wet blue leather is treated with a lighter shade that desired, giving it the base tone. Then is treated with natural-based oils and waxes that darkens it and gets us to the desired tone. When the leather is stressed, the two-tone effect appears. Applying heat to it (rub it with your fingers) will make it go back to the regular tone. This effect makes the leather look vivid attaining a beautiful patina over time. You can also stress on purpose in places where you wish to have a distressed effect.

Made in Colombia